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The Premier Japanese Food, Alcohol Beverage and Restaurant Supply Specialist since the 1990s
Kinpachi Trading Sdn Bhd. was founded in the early 90s as a small co-op organization for early Japanese immigrants in Malaysia.


We have steadily expanded our business since then, establishing branches throughout Malaysia.  We currently distribute over a wide range of Japanese Food & Beverages for Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. Officially we are also representing / distribute some of the leading Japanese Sake in Malaysia. 


Kinpachi Trading Sdn Bhd. pioneered the importing of Japanese Premium Sake, Shochu into Malaysia.  Sakes are available in most of the states, partnering with local Japanese Restaurant throughout Malaysia. 


Kinpachi Trading also makes great strides for the culinary professional.  We opened restaurant professional stores, as of date we have over 20 Restaurant under the group.  From raw ingredient to kitchenware, equipment and tableware imported directly from Japan. 

11a Unkai Hyuga Kobiki Kuro Kome Shochu.