Kubota Jyunmai Daiginjyo

Kubota Jyunmai Daiginjyo

SKU: 0021

Type: Junmai daiginjo

Milling Rate: 35%

SMV: +2

Acidity: 1.2

Tasting Notes: Sweet & Dry, Fruity taste(like Pear, melon). A sophisticated nose of pears, candy sugar, vanilla and a palate with depth and body. Appetiser,mains or starters. Sushi and sashimi a definite match. Western and Japanese cuisine.

Sake Tomo(Food Pairing): Western food🍽️,sweets🍰

Serving Temperature: Chilled, room temperature,on the rock


    The fruity flavor reminds of pears and melons.The elegant taste that harmonize sweetness and acidity flavor will spread when you include it in your mouth.The aftertaste makes you please.