Yuzu Umeshu Ozeki

Yuzu Umeshu Ozeki

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    Umeshu with the freshness of yuzu in taste and aroma

    Produced entirely with fruit from the Kishu region, the Yuzu-a citrus fruit blends with fully ripened Nanko Ume-plum creating an explosive burst of pure Japanese fruit flavors. This umeshu has a mellow taste and refreshes with the tanginess of yuzu. Also, rich in citric acid and vitamin C.       The Ozeki Yuzu Umeshu has a refreshing, citrusy flavour of the yuzu Ozekifruit, and a rich, mellow sweetness of the fully-ripened Kishu Nanko plums. It has an explosive burst of fruity flavours, and is best served chilled for maximum enjoyment."

    Alcohol %: 12%